About Rubi


I was born in Mexico City. I enjoyed writing short stories, plays, poems and news. I speak two languages: English and Spanish (my first language).  I love traveling around the world and meeting new people.  I love wine, I thing that life cannot be more perfect when you’re drinking a glass of good wine with good company (friends, family). My favorite part of the year is Fall, the beautiful orange and red colors painting the trees is the most beautiful sight!

I believe that education is the most valuable treasure one can have (after family of course) and that’s the only thing that no one can take away from me, because when I die I’m taking it with me!

Currently I’m a graduate student at the University of Washington.  I’m in the Master of Communication in Digital Media Program. I have learn about the new social media tools that are very helpful in today’s global business industry.

All the posts in this blog are the result of class work and research.  I also have my personal blog, you can find videos, news, notes and reflections done by me in a very particular way with a touch of my Latino Vision. I invite you to visit this blog and to check my work in this blog.

Gracias/Thank you


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