Summary of Article: The Convergence of Social and Technological Networks

June 30, 2009 at 9:25 am 1 comment

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The convergence of Social and Technological Networks article by Jon Kleinberg talks the data on Human Interaction before and after social media networks and about a growing pattern of movement through the online spaces to form connections with others to build virtual communities.  Therefore, creating an easier way to observe and quantify the data available through these social networks.  The author mentions that before social media networks like Facebook, gathering data information about a social network was very difficult. Research use to be done by using only a group of tens or hundreds, but with social on line interaction, now the scale has increase to tens of millions of individuals.

The article compares the “small-world phenomenon” in social networks and how we are all connected by short chains of acquaintances.  In this regard, the article touches on the “six degrees of separation” this to show that we all are only few steps apart from the global social networks.  It details about the experiment that Stanley Milgram created back in 1960. This experiment consisted sending a letter to a certain target in another town by only sending the letter to someone they knew by first name to direct the letter to the final target and the discovery was that there was a six degree of separation. Now with social networks like Facebook it easier to conduct human interaction and now social media networks has shortened this path.  Now there is the availability to collect data on human interaction, evaluate models of social phenomena at large scales and to design new computing application to help them in the collection of massive data for research purposes.

“The availability of such rich and plentiful data on human interaction has closed an important feedback loop, allowing us to develop and evaluate models of social phenomena at large scales and to use these models in the design of new computing applications.”

Jon Kleinberg: The convergence of Social and Technological Networks


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  • 1. Randa  |  July 2, 2009 at 6:15 am

    Nice succinct set of slides to cleanly communicate the idea. (Would that all presentations were as clear!)
    Might be interesting to introduce the large number of people that are not connected. With the decline of traditional media those that were on the other side of the digital divide, many are now completely cut off. Perhaps a satellite cloud on the outer edges with clear space between?

    Also like your header, btw!

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