10 Great Ways to Make Money Podcasting

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According to Alex Nesbitt with Digital Podcast, even though podcasting has been around for about over four years, people still trying to figure how to make money podcasting.  Some of his suggestions have links which if you click on them, Alex makes money. He warns you about this and at first it may sound weird, it was worth it.  Here are the ten great ways to make money podcasting according to Alex.

1. Sell your content

One easy way to do it is to put your content onto CDs or DVDs and sell them on your site, he suggest Ask A Ninja and Will It Blend.  Another way is to sell your content via a subscription basis, he recommends PremiumCast or Wild Apricot.

2. Donations

He urges us to think Public Television or NPR.  Asking people to donate money or buy  your merchandise from Amazon Wish List. He suggest to get the donation button code from Paypal and Amazon Wish Lists.

3. Run ads within your podcast

An obvious idea according to Alex, but involves selling some ads and can represent a problem for podcasters.  This is hard work. There are Podcast ad networks you can join.  He provides some links

4. Promote a sponsor within your podcast

Alex mention that Leo Laporte does a good job of this.  He has some deal with Audible and promotes a book every week.  “I have seen presentations where people behind Grape Radio and Endurance Radio talked about selling sponsorships for decent amounts of money.  To execute this, find someone who would really benefit from some exposure and sell them on how great it would be to promote them to your audience”.

5. Run ads on your webpage and use your podcast to drive traffic

He suggest Adsense , Yahoo Publisher,  Chitka, Adbrite and Adengage and suggest not to run Adsense on the same page as something similar because it’s against Googlerules. Another options are banners you can run like ValueClick and ClickHype.

6. Sell your own product

If you sell other non-podcasts products, use your podcast to sell your product. You can sell ebooks or your own ebook using Clickbank. To sell your own T-shirts, cups, pens etc. use CafePress

7. Sell professional services

If  you do not make a product , you can sell your time.

8. Sell Training

If you don’t know how to build an online training course you can  get some information at Bill Myers Online.

9. Affliate Sales

Make money by selling other people’s product, services, ebooks or time.

10. Affliate lead generation

Get pay by just providing a lead. There are programs that pay you for providing traffic that turns into leads.

If you want more information and access to the actual links, please visit Digital Podcast


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