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May 12, 2009 at 10:36 pm 1 comment

After reading the materials (books and class blog), I thing I will definitely make may blog a lot.

* Change the name and URL for my blog. The reasoning behind it,  is that my current blog’s name “tales from the heart” can sound like a romantic/drama name and not like a blog for Latin America Children’s Tales.

* Change the design.  Even though the current design can look like a blog for children, I think that it has to reflect the Latin American aspect of it and the characters of the tales. I will change the design by adding some of the different characters from the tales (Landes, cave boy, beavers, Bird, Chady/is like a fairy etc.), make it colorful for children.

* Incorporate images to the podcast.  Since some of the podcast are long (about 15 min.) In order for children to follow, it needs some kind of a visual aid. I will add few images to the podcasts, only few as a base, so that they can still have the room to use their imagination.

* Incorporate the Spanish section since it is the most spoken language in Latin America.  This will add another type of audience , like children that are learning Spanish as a second language and Spanish speaking audience. I will incorporate a Spanish section for podcasts that I will translate.

* It is important to provide an overview to the audience about what the story is about.  This has to be catchy, a description that will motivate the audience to listen to the podcast. I will add a description for each podcast and the time length (with an image, this will help the description).

* Sometimes the part about the author can also be important for both the English and Spanish audience.  I will translate this part.


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