Class Reflection Week 3

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During this class we learn the process of encoding and decoding.  In regular communication we transmit an idea (encoding) we chose the right words and the structure of our sentences so that others can receive our idea (decoding) our message. In this case our voices are moving in real time using continue sound waves.   In transmitting idea/message through podcasting in this digital era, it works similarly, first we encode our message into digital using a digital recorder devise, then we need an encoder to hear/transmit that idea/message like iTune, iPod, etc. We need to understand this process in order to understand how to correctly make a podcast and how we can listen to it.
In addition, is very important that if we are making a podcast, that we have an outline to follow.  It is important not to fully script the message, because it could become a reading message. Podcast should be done in a human voice, let the listeners hear your voice, your passion about the subject etc.


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Sounds For Podcasting Idea for Final Individual Podcast Project

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