Class Reflection Week 1

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During this last podcasting class we learned that about 18% percent of the population in the United States listens to podcasting. This number can be seeing as a low percentage; however when this number is compared to the percentage of the people that use internet the number is no longer low. According to Internet world Stats 45% of the population in the United States uses internet, if we compare this number with the number of people who use podcasting, then this translates to 40% of the people in the United States that use internet, also use podcasting.

Podcasting has broken the barriers of time, because the customer is not restrained to when to listen to a program/podcast, the customer can decide when the best time for him/her to listen to it is. In addition, the customer can choose what to listen to, instead of the content creator forcing the customer to its material. Customers can choose from thousands of podcasting content like, news, classes, documentaries, comedy shows etc.

The audience for content is changing to mobile technology to access their favorite show, for example some people use their iPod , “MP3 Player” or cell phone to listen to special programs from NPR while they are exercising at the gym or commuting to work. Mobile content like podcasting has a potential market, especially in young people (Less than 40) who use mobile devises like iPod, “MP3 Player” or cell phone with the capability to play audiophiles. According to press release, states that the number of people in the U.S. using their phone to access information and news online doubled over the last year.


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