Questions/Week #3

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Questions connected to the content of the book Seeing What’s Next

How to Use Theory to Analyze

1. Since the market has become more global, what can business offer for the non-consumer market in other countries or communities that are not English speaking, would language be part of the innovation in their products?

2. Now that it seems that there are no limits in consumption in the newspaper industry –thanks to the Internet- (convenience, customization and low prices) what do newspapers have to do to bring non-consumer and to create opportunities for a new-market disruptive growth in many thing that this industry as we know it now is dying?

3. In the newspaper industry who may we say are the non-consumers, now that news are free thanks to the Internet?

Two part question

4. In the book there is a section that talks about standards and how sometimes these standards are not always a good think for undershot customers, in this same note the book mentions how banks integrated the predictive risk assessment in order to determine if a customer qualify for a loan as a standard. Why did banks/mortgage decided to ignore this standard in the last couple of years and as a result many homeowners lost their properties? In this case the only reason could be that some of the homeowners where overshot customers, then was okay to ignore this standard (according to the book), but at the end it was not. Is there a risk factor that helps us determine whether is good or bad to ignore a standard when the customer is an overshot customer?

5. I’m still a little confused with the term modular. What makes a product modular?


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