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August 3, 2008 at 9:19 pm Leave a comment

The article Local Exchange Trading System mentions that this works a s a communal energy exchange, how does this systems regulates its members in terms of immigration status (undocumented members who will be able to pay their rent and buy their groceries in exchange of their work, let say that they are construction workers or carpenters)?  Would there be special rates for this population as it is now in the regular market (undocumented people are paid below the minimum wage)? 

How does this mechanism deals with the IRS?

Wouldn’t this method alienated people who has no access or doesn’t know how to use a computer? What about people who doesn’t speak English in this country, would this be available in other languages?


The article also mentions that if a member is caught claiming credits he/she didn’t earn, then he/she is not allowed to participate of this mechanism, but what about hackers? How is this mechanism protected from hackers who can manipulate or stole credits?


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The Wealth of Networks: Peer Production and Distribution Reflection Week 7

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